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Gabriel Cozma Gabs

Human, Front-end Developer & Open Source Contributor.

Salut! I'm Gabriel, also known as Gabs in my digital world. Yeah, I'm a human person, but also a designer and developer with a passion for creating beautiful and intuitive experiences. Proudly navigating the world of development here, in Moldova. Creating visually stunning and user-friendly web experiences is my thing. You can peek into my coding contributions by looking at my Git Profiles, most of the project are on GitHub.

GitHub is basically my home, but for code! It's like my coding playground, I might be a little too attached to it. But hey, can you blame me?

Let's fast forward to May 2023. That's when something amazing happened. I went beyond my personal space and created something truly remarkable. Introducing Aeolus – a powerful framework built with Vue.js 3 & Vite, exclusively for Boekestijn in Moldova. The success of this project fueled my desire to take on more professional work, especially for other companies. But Aeolus didn't quite take off beyond being a project for a single website. But that didn't stop me! I embarked on a new adventure called Aploe, aimed at solving the main issue with Aeolus – the lack of unified styles. If you need a website, don't hesitate to contact me.

Take a closer look at my projects on the Projects page. It's not just about lines of code; it's a showcase of my passion. Every now and then, you might even catch me translating one project to another, although not too often.

Now, when I'm not in coding mode, you'll find me immersed in the ever-evolving world of technology. Learning new skills is not just a hobby; it's my way of trying to make a positive impact through my work :D 🚀

  "name": "Gabriel Cozma",
  "username": "Gabs",
  "location": "Moldova",
  "about": "Human",
  "interests": ["Web Development", "Technology", "Open Source", "Linux"],
  "github": "",
  "mastodon": "",
  "other": "",